Release Notes Version 1.1 – August 20, 2015

This release was a laundry list of fixes and enhancements with the majority happening behind the scenes on the technical side of things. The gist:

  • Fixed: Cosmetic improvements to look and feel aiming for more consistency across design elements (content cards, buttons, links etc).
  • Fixed: A number of accessibility related interactions.
  • Fixed: Clean up of content in the campus specific life sections. Updated resource links, fixed typos and added new content.
  • Fixed: Some IE users faced an annoying requirement to completely close their browser before logging into ACORN again. We put in an interim fix for this with a long-term fix in the works.
  •  Fixed: A slew of technical cleanup activities in an effort to improve ACORN’s performance and reliability. Ongoing effort.
  • Added: Opt-out information for fall/winter session for each student society.