Release notes Version 1.2 – September 17, 2015

Nothing sexy in this release, just a collection of usability fixes and technical enhancements.


  • Fixed: If the bank account entered on ACORN was about to expire, or had already expired, you would have received a dashboard notification that would cause English majors to pull their hair out. This notification is now (slightly) more comprehensible.
  • Fixed: When viewing bank account information some students would see an out of place system generated message. Gone.
  • Fixed: When a student is unable to enrol in a course for reasons, a tooltip should appear on the disabled ‘enrol’ button. It wasn’t, but is now.
  • Fixed: Notices on the enrolment cart were determined to sit single file in a vertical hierarchy. They weren’t supposed to do that, so now they sit in a horizontal row.
  • Fixed: For students not feeling so well at UTM, they can fill out an absence declaration form on ACORN. We were perplexing these unfortunate students with some unintelligible language on this form. This has been cleared up.
  • Fixed: When a student becomes enrolled in a course that is also on their enrolment cart, the course should be removed from their cart. This wasn’t happening in some cases.
  • Fixed: In Internet Explorer when a session timed out students would have to completely close their browser and re-open in order to login again. Extremely annoying but now fixed.