Release notes Version 1.3 – October 10, 2015

Summary: The major focus of this release was a fully redesigned convocation ticketing flow for the upcoming November convocation ceremonies. In addition to convocation enhancements, a number of fixes were included.


  • Enhanced: Graduates for November’s convocation will find personalized content throughout the convocation screens, a streamlined ticket ordering flow, and for the first time at U of T, e-tickets will be used at convocation, replacing physical paper tickets.
  • Fixed: Minor wording update to the Transcripts ordering section.
  • Fixed: Added a re-apply option for programs to which a student had been invited to but didn’t accept entry during the sessional date range. Don’t call it a comeback. Ok, it’s a comeback, it was in ROSI-SWS.
  • Fixed: Some students would get stuck in a time-out and login loop where an ACORN session would time out, the student would try to login again and they’d redirect to a timeout page only to have to login again. Sorry, this was extremely annoying.
  • Fixed: We were missing a tooltip for programs with higher fees on the Financial Account landing screen. It’s back now.
  • Fixed: It’s hard to get to class if you can’t find your timetable. We’ve made links to the personal timetable more explicit and added ‘view timetable’ to the main navigation.
  • Fixed: After multiple attempts to invoke a course modal, some notices would get stuck at a perpetual ‘Loading…’ which helped no-one in this situation. No longer.