Release notes Version 1.3.2 – November 16, 2015

With November convocation happening earlier this month (congrats grads!), we held off any production releases for five weeks. This marks the longest stretch since we launched June 22nd that we hadn’t updated ACORN.


  • Enhanced: UTSC students should see separated Fall/Winter registration statuses if their statuses differ. Up until now this was not displayed well. To the best of our ability, we will let each unique registration status shine.
  • Fixed: Waitlisted courses were not displaying warnings when in conflict with enrolled courses. Welcome to the team, waitlisted courses.
  • Fixed: For students using keyboard inputs, searching for courses by code would provide a dead end fairly quickly. This has been revised accordingly.
  • Fixed: Did you know a course activity can be set to ‘closed’? It’s true, but isn’t really important. The important thing is when this happened some confusing content would be displayed to a student who happened to find a course section that was closed. We’ve updated this information to make more sense in context.
  • Fixed: As noted we redesigned the full convocation flow on ACORN for this November. The way phone numbers were collected provided some unneeded confusion so we updated error state messages for this field.