Release Notes 1.4 – December 1, 2015 & 1.4.1 December 9

Last week (and this week) we updated ACORN with an iceberg release – A whole lot of work, but most of it is felt behind the scenes (or underneath the surface if we want to extend the iceberg metaphor).

Over the past weeks and months we’ve been working hard to get ACORN’s codebase in top shape for the coming year. We have several high priority features that we’ll be introducing in 2016 and this requires having an efficient and well organized codebase to work from. With that in mind, this release includes only a couple updates on the student front-end with most of the effort being put into stuff hidden from view.

Notable surface level updates:

Enhanced: Course sub-titles are now on ACORN! Ok, maybe not that exciting, but fairly useful especially for courses with sections that have different subtitles and areas of focus.

Fixed: An accessibility issue in Firefox where course search would no longer be operable by keyboard once a course modal was invoked. Apologies for any headaches this caused our Firefox users!