Release Notes 1.7 – April 25, 2016

Our April release is a mix of convocation enhancements, fixes and general improvements. Here is a sample of what went out:

  • Enhancement:  A collection of convocation ticket related enhancements regarding the rsvp’ing for tickets and clearly marking intention to graduate if a student was in more than one degree program.
  • Enhancement: Timetable conflict layout improvement to clearly show side-by-side conflicting course sections.
  • Fix: A few keyboard accessibility related issues related to modal windows and progress bars on Planning Tools.
  • Fix: T4A and T2202A tax forms broke after using once. This was a quick fix to allow multiple years of tax forms to be viewed.
  • Fix: Active tab continuity when navigating from the enrol and manage screen to the Courses screen. Previously if both the Summer and Fall-Winter sessions had tabs available and a student was viewing Fall-Winter, using the left side navigation would bring the student, by default, to the Summer tab on the Courses screen rather than keeping a student on Fall-Winter.