Release Notes 1.8 – May 10, 2016

On May 10th we updated ACORN with another release focused on a set of enhancements and fixes. Here is a sample of the updates:

  • Enhancement: Enrolment start date and time notification – In recent years we would inform students of their upcoming enrolment start date and time only when we had both of these values. This would lead to some late notice for certain divisions. This year, where applicable, we’ll provide a notification of the day you can start enrolling in courses for fall-winter and update this once we have a confirmed start time as well.
    • Enhancement: Enrol & Manage landing screen – If a previous academic session is still showing, for example Summer session in October, we now default to the current academic session rather than simply the first tab showing.

    • Enhancement: Courses –> Enrol & Manage – Recently we introduced a fix so that the session tab you were looking at on Enrol & Manage would be the same session tab if you navigated to the Courses screen. We’ve further updated this so that this functions when navigating from Courses to Enrol & Manage.
    • Enhancement: Dashboard – Up until now, if you weren’t enrolled in any courses for the current session, we didn’t have a direct link to the Courses screen from the dashboard. We’ve added this now.
    • Enhancement: Academic History – Last month we provided better print/pdf layouts for the invoice and timetable. This release we added a cleaner print/pdf version of the academic history as well.
    • Fix: Dashboard Events – For somewhat mysterious reasons, on the 24th day of every month, events showing on the dashboard would be highlighted in red. This won’t happen anymore.
    • Fix: Enrolment Cart – For values that are not yet set for course activities in the enrolment cart (i.e. instructor and location), we’ve added ‘TBA’ in lieu of blank spaces. This brings this in line with information displayed on course enrolment modals.
    • Fix: Term workload link – Undergraduate Architecture students were seeing links to Arts and Sciences website information pertaining to term workloads. This has been updated to link to the relevant Architecture website instead.