Release Notes 1.9 – June 15, 2016

For this release we focused on a number of enhancements to course enrolment. We know that getting into courses is incredibly important for students and ensuring that this area is easy to use and understand is one of our core goals on ACORN. To that end, here is a sample of the updates we made:

  • Enhancement:  Allow enrolment cart items to be modified (e.g. switch sections). Previously there was only the option to add new items or remove existing.
  • Enhancement:  Improved warning message if a student reaches their 30 course capacity on the enrolment cart.
  • Enhancement:  Prompt student for confirmation before completing a request to remove a course from their enrolment cart. This brings this interaction into consistency with dropping an enrolled course.
  • Enhancement:  Enrolment cart space availability was previously showing a static snapshot of when the course was added to the cart so we introduced a mechanism to update this information.
  • Enhancement:  Add system time for FAS, UTM and UTSC enrolment days for students attempting to log in prior to their enrolment start time. This helps to clarify when a student will be able to gain access to the system on their enrolment day.
  • Enhancement:  Typeahead course search results have been streamlined to remove courses that don’t have enrollable sections available on ACORN.
  • Enhancement:  The dashboard is now mobile friendly.