New App: Financial Planning Calculator

We are excited to announce the launch of a new financial planning calculator for U of T students. The planning calculator is a publicly available tool available to current and prospective undergraduate students. Use it to plan your budget and find out how much it will cost to study at U of T for one academic year.


  • See what it would cost to live on or off-campus, or study in a particular undergraduate program at U of T
  • Based on the expenses the tool estimates for you, create a budget for food, entertainment and other living costs for the upcoming academic year
  • Browse a list of personalized budgeting resources that aim to help you save money
Check it out: Use the Financial Planning Calculator and if you need a hand, read the how-to overview


3 New Features on ACORN – Release Notes 1.12 – September 9, 2016

We’ve been working on a number of new features for ACORN over the summer and are excited to launch three of these today in time for the fall-winter academic session.

1. Responsive Mobile

With this release, 90% of ACORN screens will be mobile friendly making it easier to read, navigate and take action on small screen mobile devices. This includes the dashboard, end to end course & program enrolment, paying fees by credit card, updating address & contact information, Planning Tools and all ‘Life’ content.

ACORN responsive

2. Awards & Financial Aid Module

This new module will do two things:

  1. Display links to potential financial opportunities available to the student depending on their home faculty and college
  2. Display upcoming award payouts and an awards history the student has received from U of T.

ACORN Find Awards ACORN My Awards

3. iCal Personal Timetable Export

  • This feature enables students to download and add their personal timetables from ACORN to their own mobile and desktop calendars (I.e. Google, iOS etc). 
  • This feature will replace the existing Academic Activities Calendar but the static Personal Timetable will remain on ACORN.
  • The personal exam list that has been present on the Academic Activities Calendar will be displayed during exam periods on the same Timetable & Exams screen in list form.