Fall & Early Winter Release Notes (1.14.0-1.16.1)

The ACORN team has been busy since our last update – this post calls out selected important enhancements and resolved issues from several recent releases to ACORN and related online services.

ACORN 1.16.1 Release Notes (Released December 15, 2016)

  • Credit Card Payment: Notice posted re: holiday closure, payment processing to resume in new year
  • ACORN Dashboard: Fixed bug where on the day of a student’s exam(s), some academic content would disappear

ACORN 1.16.0 Release Notes (Released December 12, 2016)

  • Timetable: When printed, now fits on a single page
  • Timetable: When accessed via mobile, now fits the device’s screen without scrolling and is available for saving, viewing offline

ACORN 1.15.0 Release Notes (Released November 16, 2016):

  • Course Enrolment: Fixed misleading messaging re: current/upcoming term being available for course enrolment
  • Academic History: User interface enhancements
  • SWS=N degree POSts: Courses are now displayed in ACORN in a read-only state
  • Timetable: Added a new personalized exam listing of what, where, when exam info with links to U of T Map when possible

ACORN 1.14.1 Release Notes (Released November 1, 2016):

  • Awards Space: Awards that have not yet been journaled will no longer be displayed on the “My Awards” screen
  • Awards Space: Multi-disbursement awards that have had at least 1 disbursement made will display potential upcoming disbursements on the “My Awards” screen

ACORN 1.14.0 Release Notes (Released October 22, 2016):

  • Grant Application: Blocked international students from applying via the online application
  • Per OUAC, ACORN and associated services now support the following:
    • Additional legal statuses such as: Convention Refugee, Visitor, Diplomatic)
    • New gender code (“A” – another)
    • Expanded address field(s)