Release notes Version 1.3 – October 10, 2015

Summary: The major focus of this release was a fully redesigned convocation ticketing flow for the upcoming November convocation ceremonies. In addition to convocation enhancements, a number of fixes were included.


  • Enhanced: Graduates for November’s convocation will find personalized content throughout the convocation screens, a streamlined ticket ordering flow, and for the first time at U of T, e-tickets will be used at convocation, replacing physical paper tickets.
  • Fixed: Minor wording update to the Transcripts ordering section.
  • Fixed: Added a re-apply option for programs to which a student had been invited to but didn’t accept entry during the sessional date range. Don’t call it a comeback. Ok, it’s a comeback, it was in ROSI-SWS.
  • Fixed: Some students would get stuck in a time-out and login loop where an ACORN session would time out, the student would try to login again and they’d redirect to a timeout page only to have to login again. Sorry, this was extremely annoying.
  • Fixed: We were missing a tooltip for programs with higher fees on the Financial Account landing screen. It’s back now.
  • Fixed: It’s hard to get to class if you can’t find your timetable. We’ve made links to the personal timetable more explicit and added ‘view timetable’ to the main navigation.
  • Fixed: After multiple attempts to invoke a course modal, some notices would get stuck at a perpetual ‘Loading…’ which helped no-one in this situation. No longer.


Release notes Version 1.2.1 – September 29, 2015

Only two fixes in this release, but while small in stature, they were large in impact.

Enhanced: Most students would call reverting the personal timetable back to a colourful display like they were on ROSI a fix, not an enhancement, but why quibble over details. Colours are back on the timetable to help more easily differentiate course activities. This time the colours aren’t overly offensive to the eye.

Fixed: Canada Post had some strict rules we needed to comply with for Transcript ordering so that these important documents landed at their desired destination. Done.

Release notes Version 1.2 – September 17, 2015

Nothing sexy in this release, just a collection of usability fixes and technical enhancements.


  • Fixed: If the bank account entered on ACORN was about to expire, or had already expired, you would have received a dashboard notification that would cause English majors to pull their hair out. This notification is now (slightly) more comprehensible.
  • Fixed: When viewing bank account information some students would see an out of place system generated message. Gone.
  • Fixed: When a student is unable to enrol in a course for reasons, a tooltip should appear on the disabled ‘enrol’ button. It wasn’t, but is now.
  • Fixed: Notices on the enrolment cart were determined to sit single file in a vertical hierarchy. They weren’t supposed to do that, so now they sit in a horizontal row.
  • Fixed: For students not feeling so well at UTM, they can fill out an absence declaration form on ACORN. We were perplexing these unfortunate students with some unintelligible language on this form. This has been cleared up.
  • Fixed: When a student becomes enrolled in a course that is also on their enrolment cart, the course should be removed from their cart. This wasn’t happening in some cases.
  • Fixed: In Internet Explorer when a session timed out students would have to completely close their browser and re-open in order to login again. Extremely annoying but now fixed.

Release Notes Version 1.1 – August 20, 2015

This release was a laundry list of fixes and enhancements with the majority happening behind the scenes on the technical side of things. The gist:

  • Fixed: Cosmetic improvements to look and feel aiming for more consistency across design elements (content cards, buttons, links etc).
  • Fixed: A number of accessibility related interactions.
  • Fixed: Clean up of content in the campus specific life sections. Updated resource links, fixed typos and added new content.
  • Fixed: Some IE users faced an annoying requirement to completely close their browser before logging into ACORN again. We put in an interim fix for this with a long-term fix in the works.
  •  Fixed: A slew of technical cleanup activities in an effort to improve ACORN’s performance and reliability. Ongoing effort.
  • Added: Opt-out information for fall/winter session for each student society.